Beautiful maternity portraits are something to be cherished. I recently spoke to a past client about her maternity portraits. She was so grateful to have images from her second pregnancy. Especially since her sweet baby boy was to be her last child.

She told me that she had an appointment with her first son to do a maternity session, but decided to cancel at the last minute. She just didn’t realize that the portraits would mean so much to her later.

It truly is an amazing time in any woman’s journey to motherhood. There truly isn’t anything more beautiful…whether you feel beautiful or not. Make time to capture that time in your life. It will be something to treasure later.

The best time to book your maternity session is during 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. During this time, you are starting to get your energy back because most no longer feel nauseated. Not only you feel better during week 32-36, you’ll find that you fit more properly into maternity clothes.  This is the best time to photograph your pregnancy because your belly is showing but not yet too cumbersome to move around.



This is my beautiful great niece. She is so adorable that it’s all I can do not to constantly squeeze her. So smiley and sweet, I love her plump little cheeks! I love this age, so fun to get their portrait before they start running! :) Can’t wait to get her in the studio again once she is sitting up a little better. I have the cutest bonnet that I have been dying to use. I forgot it when we did these pictures :( Oh well, just an excuse to play later!

If you have an adorable baby that is 6 month or 9 months old and you want to capture this special time in their lives, contact me to set up a session appointment! LuxeMod Photography also does sessions for 1st year cake smash, which are always so much fun.




Since we moved to Tulsa, we have been exploring the area for photo ops. My husband and I both like to take pictures, so it’s fun for both of us to get out and about. Over the weekend we drove to Pahuska, OK to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in search of buffalo. They weren’t to close, but luckily we had long lenses. I did feel sorry for the buffalo though since it was near 100 degrees outside with no shade. It is definitely wide open out there.

We saw buffalo, two coyotes, quail, and a tarantula crossing the road (I stopped and squealed). I do not like anything with too many legs! Eeek.

One thing I do highly suggest…fill up the gas tank. We headed out thinking there would be lots of gas stations along the way…um no. Lesson learned. Luckily, we didn’t run out of gas chasing buffalo.

buffalo crossing
oil rig
lone buffalo
baby buffalo
buffalo road
wee one
Tulsa photographer | LuxeMod Photography

This is my beautiful niece Kiley. She is due soon with her 1st baby. Her husband is in the military and is overseas for a year and will not be home for the birth :(

I have been helping her document with photographs, so that she has memories to share with him. We had fun doing a maternity session on the family farm. This month we will be documenting the birth of their 1st baby daughter, then there will be newborn photographs. Lots of excitement coming soon.

tulsa maternity photographer
tulsa maternity photographer
tulsa maternity photographer

I’ve been working on baby shower projects and decided to make bath salts for favors. It is super easy and cheaper than buying something already made. I consider myself pretty creative and cruised Pinterest for inspiration until I could figure out what I wanted to do. The colors for the shower are pink and gray, so when I ran across pink Himalayan bath salts I thought hmmm….how about pink lemonade bath salts. Pink salts and lemon essential oils mixed with a little crushed rosemary. I already had lemon essential oils on hand and the rosemary. The kitchen smelled heavenly, just ask my husband :)

I made enough for 24 4 oz. jelly jars, so adjust your recipe accordingly if you need more or less. The measurements don’t have to be exact, just add more or less depending on your tastes.

I wanted to share my recipe and some pics. This is a great idea for weddings, showers and holiday gifts.


12 cups pink Himalayan bath salts {i ordered mine from http://www.saltworks.us/}

1/2 cup of baking soda {optional}

40 drops of lemon essential oils {i used NOW brand}

6 tablespoons of crushed rosemary {optional}

Mix together in a stainless steel or glass mixing bowl with a metal whisk or spoon. Each 4oz jelly jar holds 1/2 cup of salts.








To make the jars more decorative, I used 4″ fabric squares. Loved the vintage pattern of these squares in pinks. Just put the metal lid on the jar, then the piece of fabric, then the lid.





You can add twine to your jar lid for decoration or to add your favor hang tags.


I plan to display them in this wire basket on a table at the shower. Just waiting for my cute little favor tags to arrive that I ordered from Etsy before I finish them up :)



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